Threesome, Threesome

Would you be comfortable giving your partner a threesome? I mean seriously. I don’t mean “yes I want to please my man so I’ll do whatever he wants, including a threesome.” I mean would you be okay having a threesome and would you enjoy it? I’ve always wondered why this was such a huge thing in relationships it seems like everyone is plagued with the choice on whether they want to bring someone else into the bed or not. I know many females personally who still haven’t recovered from the mere thought of their partner asking for a threesome. I would consider having a threesome, but I think that I would have to talk for months maybe years on what I’m okay with. Which leads me to believe that a threesome isn’t even as simple as it sounds.

What is a threesome? A threesome is group sex, where a couple brings an extra person in to engage in intercourse. It also doesn’t even have to be a couple, it can just be three people who want to have sex. GENERALLY, from what I’ve seen, the male proposes the idea to have a threesome. A female can also propose the idea of a threesome.

From personal experience, every time I was ever asked to participate in a threesome I played it off like I was cool with it but so many thoughts went through my head like… Am I not enough? What’s so good about a threesome? Should I kill this nigga? Why the fuck would he ask ME for a threesome? FEF442EB-E72D-491D-986E-586CD8154FCD.gif

My thing never was disinterest in a threesome. My concern always was the fact that he wanted to involve another woman like I wasn’t enough and then what if he actually fell in love with fucking her? He’s going to try to get his 1 on 1 and that I’m not having. A man can be strategic in wanting a threesome I see some men using this as a way to get his cake and eat it too with no consequences because his girl agreed, but be aware. Be aware of a man using you for his own sexual gratification and one that’s not concerned about how you feel and just wants to push a threesome on you. Don’t do anything you’re not okay with. NEVER let anyone TELL you what you have to do to be with them. If it makes you uncomfortable tell they ass hold on hold on holiday 😭


Every other convo he’s asking you for a threesome.
Every other convo he’s asking you to find a girl to participate.


If you’re open to trying new things, a badass sexual being, then that’s wonderful. I’m glad that you have this kind of mindset when it comes to sex. I don’t know if you’re detached or just simply into all things different. Women ARE strong enough to handle anything so, I’m not surprised. Some couples are full on swingers. BUT, Are you the girl who thinks she’s okay with it and deep down gets into it and sees her man caressing and penetrating another girl and can’t stomach it? You want to kill them both. It’s like they’re cheating right in front of your eyes! Which brings me into two important factors when CONSIDERING A THREESOME. Nobody’s saying be boring, bitch. 5D8ECAB5-84B5-4E7A-9218-7A7E95FFC49C

1. Communicate.
Talk to each other about what brought on the fantasy of a threesome in the first place. Fellas, be honest with your girl and ensure that she knows that your want for a threesome is out of fantasy and not unfufillment. (Ladies as well if the this is your idea)

2. Set boundaries
If a threesome is agreed upon by both parties, then great. Talk about what will and will not be tolerated. Like can he fuck but not eat her out? Butt stuff? Talk about your limits or the whole thing will fall through. Nothing is worse than a failed threesome.

Lets say you do go through with the threesome, and now you want more… Communicate. Threesomes are like weed. Gateway drug.


Know your worth, add tax.

Know your worth and add TAX.

Think of yourself as a house. You are AN ESTATE that you will always have to fix up, you will always have to make improvements. Small adjustments. These small adjustments will help keep the house together and intact… but what about the foundation? Was the foundation built sturdy enough to weather every storm and hold up through anything?

There were so many times where I felt that I fell short of what a woman is “supposed” to be. I felt like I wasn’t measuring up and I wasn’t living my life correctly. I would see all the other girls at school and they were skinny, fashionable, and they were dating boys. I of course knew some boys but I was socially awkward and I was unsure of myself.  I didn’t know how to form HEALTHY social relationships with boys. Like what was I supposed to say to them? Ehhh wassup doc?


Right. Big ass nerd. I went to an all girls high school and there were two groups of black girls. There was a group of popular, highly liked girls and there were nerdy, boy band loving girls. I would say say I was in the middle. Don’t get me wrong I thought I was the shit, but there was times where I felt like I didn’t add up… if that makes sense.

In elementary school, I was looking for reactions. I wanted to know what would happen IF. I never even knew if I had self esteem issues or not that never crossed my mind. I later realized that I was naive and easily manipulated by boys, because I wanted them to like me. I tried hard, but little did I know even without all the extra, they would like me anyway. I would talk to ALL the boys in my classroom and they all seemed to flock to me. I was like a magnet. I would engage in conversations with the boys on the phone every night sometimes all the boys on the line at once, nothing dirty, but I would listen to their conversations . I wanted to fit in with them. I didn’t like the girls much, they were messy. This is the age where nudes were leaked, 3 way calls were recorded, and Facebook was popping. The niggas was on me like white on rice and I was eating the shit up because I loved attention. I loved having something to make me feel special something that made me think I was worth it. This is the age where I learned that it’s easy to lose yourself in your hormones. It’s easy to be manipulated into things you don’t want to do, if you want to be liked bad enough.

Honestly, I had a hard time in my own skin. I was teased since I was very little, because of my size jeans, my darker colored skin, my big lips. I especially was teased because I had “too much hair, and it wasn’t never combed right.” It took me the longest to be able to look in the mirror and face myself. It took me a long time to become confident with my arms out in the summer. It took forever to realize that a body count doesn’t define who you are. I wasn’t comfortable being me I wanted to be in someone else’s skin SO BADLY. I wondered how much better off the world would be without me. I have been that girl who self harmed, I have been that girl who contemplated suicide multiple times, I have been the girl who would just take the jabs because I didn’t think I was enough to stand up for myself.

“YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are everything.” Wake up every morning and tell yourself that and if not now, eventually you’ll believe it. Believe it or not, you are the only one who can be you. It sounds very cliche but it’s the truth. If anyone could just wake up in your body and be you, then this existence wouldn’t be real. Things everyone, even I, need to realize.

1. Life experiences don’t define your self worth.
No matter what social media and the world wants you to believe, only you can define who you are. Not how many guys/girls you fucked, how many times you got drunk and embarrassed yourself, not how many times you flunked out of school. You make your own destiny. Your worth isn’t based on “social norms.” You can’t live YOUR life worried about what the next bitch has to say. If she think you a pussy popper, then ok. That’s HER opinion. You know that you’re more than that. Don’t get sidetracked from doing whatever makes YOU happy.

2. Life has no rules.

Do whatever the fuck You want to do! This is the KEY to life. Focus on what you want and what you want your life experiences to consist of. Don’t worry about what anyone has to say about your life! It is not there shit to live. 1A6C3023-DB7A-40F4-93B0-12C5B3A078C1.gif
3. Kick out every toxic mf in your life!

You know your self worth, so make sure they know as well. Don’t let anyone mistreat you and don’t indulge in shit that’s not benefitting you. Make sure people know that time is money and your charging they ass, with tax. Don’t even give and opportunity for them to waste your time.
Sidebar: Regarding relationships, knowing your self worth is vital. If you don’t know your worth you’ll forever be getting played, you’ll forever be taken advantage of. SET STANDARDS. Let your partner know what you will and WILL NOT TOLERATE. Knowing your worth will save you a lot of problems. They will try to tell you anything and you’ll let them because you think you need them or you’ll never find anyone else to be with you. You might think you’re not pretty enough, you’re not adventurous or whatever. There is someone that will love and accept you for you. Be patient.

Be confident that you’re that baddiest thang walking. Who’s gonna check you? 3139A97D-55AF-4FEF-98C3-65318F7C3F55