Why women need reassurance and men won’t give it.
One of the most important ways that a woman feels love is through reassurance. Sometimes in the beginning men make sure to express their commitment, love, and dedication. After a while, he may think the relationship is secured, and he will forget to show these things. Men think that the love and support they have once should have the woman feeling secure, but that isn’t the case. Women need CONSTANT love and support. At all times women need to feel appreciation. Reassurance from the one you love is also encouraging and motivating, not only comforting. Try to always reassure your partner.

Personally, in the relationships I’ve been in, I could feel myself getting annoying. I’m in constant need of reassurance but I would put my need to the side. I would always keep my partner satisfied and reassured, because I know that I my need for reassurance could be a bit much.

I learned that yearning for reassurance is never a bad thing, but I still would feel like I didn’t need directly to ask for it. I would find myself testing my partner. I would ask questions like “if I died how long would it take you to move on?” Of course the answers didn’t meet my expectations, and I’d get upset. Testing your partner with WHAT-IF situations is never the answer. That’ll only get your feelings hurt. Men don’t give reassurance because…… When you express doubt, he takes it personally and assumes you doubt because he hasn’t been doing a great job at being your boyfriend. When you keep asking for reassurance eventually he will absorb that and believe he is not doing a good job as a boyfriend and give up. Thing is, everyone needs reassurance and everyone needs to feel loved and cherished. Kindly explain to your partner what being reassured means to you, so that he understands that it is natural.

How to get reassurance without begging for it.
1. Guys act instead of communicating. So find your reassurance in the things he does for you, the way he treats you, or non-verbal communication. By doing so, you are not bugging the fuck out of your boyfriend/babydaddy/husband while being reassured.
2. If you’re the type of girl who needs to HEAR reassuring words, then it’s a bit trickier. As I said earlier, Men act rather than say. You will often have to put a bug in his ear and make him say reassuring things without him noticing. Not testing, but saying things like. “Hey don’t i look beautiful today babe?” And take that as fuel.


Moral of the story, needing reassurance is apart of love. Eventually, you will grow out of wondering whether he/she loves you. You will feel it. You will know it. Don’t worry about those little demons in your head spewing insecurity, because to be honest. Your partner loves you or he wouldn’t be with you.

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